Turn 42

The 1st Eightballs campaign
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Turn 42

Post by pants » Thu Oct 26, 2006 5:28 am

"Meanwhile firstly let's get this room as secure as we can. I want a solid fallback location. Second I want any suggestions for handling those creatures. The incinerator seemed most effective, but it's a long route to the Engine room and they won't last forever."
Hearing Lt Vincent's question from where he was kneeling next to Pvt Pyro, Nick stopped checking the marines unconcious form for injuries before he answered the LT.

"Those damn creatures are fast, I'll give them that, and in the cramped hallways we might not always be able to get enough lead time to spot them before they get in close, LT. The motion trackers are probably gonna be our best bet of spotting them early but I wonder why they didn't give us much warning in our last encounter?"

"LT, L Cpl Eagle what do you think is the best formation to get us to the engine room? Remember if I can't get Pyro conscious I'm gonna have to carry him with us which makes Pfc Bojan and Lt Vincent the only effectives left in the squad."
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