Turn 4

The 3rd Eightballs campaign. Terminated.
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Turn 4

Post by Dugan » Thu Mar 29, 2007 8:19 am

Dugan did one last check over his equipment, making sure the M240 Flame Thrower fuel cannister was seated properly, he also had a spare cannister stashed in his backpack. (O.O.C will we be taking our backpacks with us?) He'd heard stories about how the old M238 flame throwers cannisters were susceptible to small arms fire and could detonate. However the current issue ones had much more armor plating, or at least thats the line his drill instructor had fed him....

He checked his VP70 sidearm and had decided to take three extra magazines, just in case he entered some place he couldn't use his flame thrower. He felt nervous but confident in his abilities honed in training and also the abilities of his platoon, plus his faith was also a good comfort to him in times like these. It was definitely time to rock and roll.
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Turn 4

Post by pants » Thu Mar 29, 2007 10:24 am

"Sticking together," Eileen replied, "We'll sweep through the base starting from wherever they're numbers are concentrated, then wipe out whoever's left."
"Done and done, LT. Who's leading the way in, first or second sqaud?"

Going over his own gear, Nick checked to make sure everything was secured. Rifle? Check. Spare ammo? Check. Extra, high explosive grenades? Check. A couple of blocks of explosive? Check and check!

Ever since the last mission when they'd been trapped in the tower, Nick had figured that carrying extra explosives would help them out of tricky situations. If worst came to worst he figured they could always blow open a door for themselves. He was gonna call it "Plan Z: Steels exit strategy" which had a nice ring to it.
"Yeah, I'll be high speed and low drag..." adds McKenzie solemnly. It's obvious to those that knew him before the last mission that he is obviously still effected. Checking the power coupling and systems checks through his smart gun's eyepiece He then adds a thumbs up to Nick as an additional sign of assurance.
"Glad to hear it McKenzie. Make sure you've got that Smartgun calibrated to how you like it. I want you ready to blow away anything we are going to run into!" replied Steel.

Got to make sure I remind Chappel to keep an eye on him thought Nick to himself.

Switching on his commset, he set the frequency to second sqauds command channel and started speaking.

"Chappell can you hear me?"

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Turn 4

Post by rednus » Thu Mar 29, 2007 10:45 am

"Chappell can you hear me?"
"loud and clear, squad two ready to rock, what's the good word...?" replied Chappell, looking over at his beloved assault-rifle, and glancing to his unit.

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