Easy Eights - Reassignment

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Re: Easy Eights - Reassignment

Post by Morse » Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:39 pm

Morse had nothing to say to Quinn. He hadn't ever talked to him hardly at all. For the most part the people that had been in his squads, and the ones he'd known tended to get transfered out before very long. Originally he'd had two squads worth of people that he came into the platoon with, before it changed its name. Now he was the only one still standing there. He thought about if any of them had died, but it didn't seem like any of them had. More so they all just got switched out to other places. Of course he had no idea why. But that wasn't his problem.

"It aint nothin' but em's wantin us to have orders runnin at all times." Morse said when heard Obi's question. "The ones up on high" He said pointing up in reference to command. "Think it aint healthy fer ones like to go more n' about 5 minutes a consciousness without orders."

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He'd also heard a bit more then that. The one that had been recently reassigned into the unit, he didn't remember a name. Saying the word 'you' tended to work out easier. But she'd said something about them being in need of a medic.

"And we aint likely to get a medic." He said taking a drink from his flask of nostril burning liquid. "Cus we' already got one." He tapped on his head to show he was talking about himself "There gonna tell me to put down the E2, and pick up a K-52 again." He had a bitter sort of tone. He didn't want to have to give up the M41A-E2. But he had a strong amount of field medicine training, though it was ignored for the most part.

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Re: Easy Eights - Reassignment

Post by Quinn » Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:32 pm

Quinn felt better having some of the Eights around him congratulate and say their goodbyes.

He nodded to Obi. "Didn't get much respect from you to begin with, why should that change?" he said with a wry smile.

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Then Kurosaki came up. He'd been closer with him than with anyone else in the unit, guiding the young sergeant as best he could. Quinn took Kurosaki's hand from his shoulder and shook it firmly as he always did. His face was sombre. "Keep your head down Kuro. I don't want to see you in my ward."

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He hadn't known Rednus for long, as they'd only met a few months ago. But he wasn't a bad man to have in the Eights, and felt that he'd do alright. He shook his hand and nodded with a straight face.

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The captain let the Eights say their goodbyes as Quinn left. Then the questions came.

"You'll get your leave once you meet the new meat. We're getting the best crop of the recruits from the current class. Then you'll have a seventy-two hour liberty to do with as you please." he answered Obi.

"You must be damn near telepathic Morse." he said as he overheard the man's complaint, smirking a little as he did so. "You're the new unit chief medic."

"Alright, get your shit stowed and at the dropship in one hour! Class A uniforms are a must! Dismissed!"

The unit spread out to get ready in however they did, weapons being cleaned, safed and stowed, ditty bags being packed and the uniforms that more resembled suits were donned. After an hour's time, everyone filed into the APC that was in the UD-4L dropship. The craft disembarked from the bigger ship's launch bay and made it's way to Earth. It would be an hour-long flight.

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Re: Easy Eights - Reassignment

Post by Obi » Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:01 am

As he query about leave fell on deaf ears Obi sat back in his seat with his frown on his face. Until he realised that Quinn was talking to him.
He nodded to Obi. "Didn't get much respect from you to begin with, why should that change?" he said with a wry smile.

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Obi chuckled at the medics comment. "Too true mate, you raise a valild point there." Obi said with a grin.

Standing up he addressed no one in particular. "Well no point hanging around here, I'm off for a quick shower and to get shifted into my fancy dress. See you on the dropship people." With that Obi made his way out of the briefing room, and made his way towards the Marine messdeck.

Forty minutes later, Obi found himself standing under the nose of the mighty UD-4L Dropship. His dress shoes gleaming, creases sharp as a razor on his Class A's. His kit bag already stowed, Obi waited as the rest of the platoon filed in a dribs and drabs. The whine of the dropships engines came to life, indicated that the Flight crew where conducting their pre-flight checks and startup was the indication it was time to board. Taking his seat in the APC, Obi settled down and waited for what he hoped would be a quick flight....
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