Turn 2 - Piece of cake

The 11th campaign
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Re: Turn 2 - Piece of cake

Post by Marcus » Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:12 pm

Marcus watched as Duncan stepped up to the Sergeant and start asking about gear. Marcus, on the other hand, started thinking on the specs. He'd get to a console and start looking up the tech he'd need for the mission, given the relay and what was within limits.

Of the top of his head he was thinking they'd need new array junctions. They were good tech, and if the array got scavenged, Which was a likely possibility, they'd need replacing.

If the Array was trashed though, what would they do, hold position and act as an array? There was a question he could have asked.

"Damnit if we get stuck with mail duty, that'll just be the damn cherry on this." Marines being given a relay duty was unlikely, but the chance was present.

He left the room, intent on researching the parts he'd need for repairs within reason.