Turn 3 - Enter light

The 11th campaign
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Re: Turn 3 - Enter light

Post by Duncan » Sun Apr 17, 2011 2:19 pm

Duncan entered the mess hall and noticed that everyone was sitting at one table, eating silently. Not as chatty as they were before. He made his way to the autochef, and received his allotted meal. Duncan was somewhat sad about the meal, but didn't want to push his luck in front of the LT by trying to sneak another tray from the autochef.

He took a seat next to Monk, figuring that having a synth between him and Ericson would shield him from her view. The food was nowhere near as good as the previous meal, but it was on par with what he had been eating for the last four years in Yuma, so he wasn't bothered. He ate silently, waiting for someone else to break the ice.