Turn 8 - The arch

The 11th campaign
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Turn 8 - The arch

Post by Nick » Sun May 15, 2011 8:04 am

Unidentified Asteroid, near space trade lane, In vicinity of communications relay
Mission timer: 01.08.22

Lt Ericson rounded the corner, following Squad 1 and 2. Her heart was racing and her finger stung from adrenaline. She could feel how the perspiration ran in trickles down her back, she glanced down on her left forearm. A control panel was situated on the inside of the arm and a thick gloved finger pressed the climate control button once more. A synthetic beep confirmed her selection and the hum from the fan inside her helmet increased in pitch slightly.

Lt Ericson checked her rifle again, it was on safety. The M41s had been modified pre jump so they had a larger safety switch to accomodate for the marines wearing gloves.

Lt Ericson saw how the corridor took a turn and followed the two squads up ahead out. What she saw next she was totally unprepared for. They suddenly found themselves on a bridge. The bridge was the exact same width as the corridor, and made from the same glassy green material. The room they entered was collossal. The roof lumbered so high aloft that the lights had trouble reaching it, but where they did the same slick glassy surface glinted back at them. Beneath them a chasm gaped, a thin white fog collected the light into shafts that swung back and forth - Unable to penetrate down to the floor.

Lt Ericson turned around and looked for Chappell, she saw him a few paces back. "Drop a flare" she said to him. Chappell dropped a chemical flare into the soupy mist below and they followed it for a few seconds before it disappeared completely.

Lt Ericson had never suffered from vertigo, luckily, because this bridge was probably as bad as it would get for someone who did. There were no safety rails, and despite the bridge being well 3 meters wide it still felt very narrow. Dwarfed by the huge room. On the far side a similar door they had passed a few meters back were situated. On the far side of ther bridge they could also see the faint glow of a dropped chemical flare.


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Re: Turn 8 - The arch

Post by Obi » Mon May 16, 2011 12:31 pm

Moving down the tunnel, Obi surprised mounted when the narrown confines of th tunnel finally gave way to a huge open cavern with a ceiling that was at he end of the marines EVA suits shoulder lamps. Obi stopped and gazed around, the tunnel floor narrowed into a bridge that crossed the cavern that was approximately a constant 3m wide. Peering over the edge Obi narrowed his eyes as he tried to make out any details below, but all he could see was a layer of whispy white fog. On the far side of the chasm Obi could make out the dull glow of a dropped chemical flare. Pulse rifle at the ready, as pointman for the Platoon, Obi put each foot down slowly, testing the bridge to see it would hold his before putting his full weight down. His eyes methodically scanning, pulse rifle barrel following his eye movements. Taking another step, eyes scanning and then another step, Obi made his way slowly across the bridge.
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Re: Turn 8 - The arch

Post by Rascal » Mon May 16, 2011 4:15 pm

Rascal, silent for majority of the debacle, finally couldn't hold it in. "Seriously? Why can't anything ever be simple?" he muttered aloud to noone in particular, taking a step onto the bridge in order to "test" it for himself, not that he didn't trust Obi, he just knew his luck was alot worse than he let it off to be.

He sighed, glanced down into the darkness, fought the urge to spit, not wanting to have it floating around inside with him. First weird doorways, then mysterious carvings, and now a railless bridge that drops into nowhere. Can't believe i forgot my 12 sided die.

He keyed his comm, asking Morse, "What's the word, boss?"

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Re: Turn 8 - The arch

Post by Dirk Pitt » Thu May 19, 2011 1:13 pm

Dirk watched the other Marines start over the bridge. From a tactical standpoint it would be the best time for an enemy to attack, while the Marines could seek no cover or fire back in force. Stopping short of the bridge he turned to his men.

"Echo Eight Charlie Actual, Echo three Actual. We're holding position until you all make it across. We'll provide fire support in case of attack and keep the back door shut." Dirk said over the Comm
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"Hold up third. Silas up front with me. We'll cover them as best we can from this side until they get across. Duncan, Carter Keep our asses covered. I don't want anything sneaking up behind us" Dirk said as he waited for action or for the others to cross.
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