Turn 1 The Awakening

The marines find themselves on LV-426 where it all started.
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Re: Turn 1 The Awakening

Post by Medic Guy » Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:12 am

Dirk Pitt wrote:Dirk turned to the young medic and grinned."Welcome to first McKinna. You're the medic, right? With any luck we won't need you on this one."
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Lighting another cigarette he then checked over his M-41A for the tenth time. "All this way in these damn freezers for a clusterfuck of a downed transmitter and an over due ship. More than likely the ship is off course and the synthetic hasn't managed to get it back yet." He said, not believing that nothing was going on.
"Amen to that Corporal, I'm hoping not to have to put any bandages on anybody this mission," he replied back as he pulled out the field radio and made sure that the frequencies indicated for the colony, Sulaco, and their own comms were entered and established as the presets for the unit so it would be less tinkering to do out during the mission.

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He turned to look at the other members of the squad as they formed up "Caleija, Ragnarson, yall ready for this shindig?" He thought he glanced Hall as well, she hadn't said anything so far, "Hall, how you doin?"

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Second squad seemed to be getting on the line as well, a couple of them looking fresh from basic, while a few looked as if they'd seen a scuffle or two before.

"Any more intelligence gathered during our sleepy voyage?" he asked of no one in particular.

He pulled the last of the food he had stashed from the dining room from his pocket and offered a share to the others gathered around as he hoped that they would get a chance to eat a little more before they were supposed to depart for the mission.