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Turn 6: The Firefight (Marines)

Posted: Mon May 11, 2020 2:57 am
by Corporal Hicks
The Marines and policemen swarmed into the room. The eruption of gunfire thundered in their ears as both sides opened fire. Despite the best plans, a gunfight on this scale was complete chaos. One of the terrorists on the catwalk fired into the advancing Marines and struck Corporal Floyd in the head. His sniper rifle split the Marine’s helmet in two and blew his head apart.

Sokolova’s SHARP rifle charged for two seconds before thumping back against her shoulder. The explosive round struck the metal grating of the catwalk under the feet of the right-hand adversary. His body was thrown hard against the ceiling with a loud crack before falling fifteen meters and landing in front of First Squad. The flimsy civilian catwalk tore loose from the ceiling and the right side fell in front of First Squad, tearing the fallen body of the terrorist in half at the waist where it landed on him.

The left side of the catwalk still hung from the ceiling at a diagonal, the other terrorist clinging to a bar to stop himself from falling. Private Henniger took the shot with his pulse rifle and the black-armored foe let go of the bar. His body slid down the catwalk like a water slide, and shot off the end, cracking into the port wall of the room.

The enemy behind the table that stood near the vent took a shot at Morse, but he went down with a shotgun shell to the back, courtesy of Sergeant Samantha Hall. The hostile in the middle of the room was struck by a burst from Dimitri Barayev’s pulse rifle. He fell dead.

Private Dawn Rinzler slid down behind a piece of debris, feeling the impact of rounds on the other side of his cover. Popping his head up, he dropped the left-hand terrorist with a skillful shot.

A round from the second floor struck the Police Sergeant Cedric West. He tumbled to the ground. At the same moment, Staff Sergeant Morse fired a round at one of the upstairs hostiles. The man screamed and fell from his perch with a splat as he struck the ground floor.

Suddenly there was an enormous explosion that threw everyone down. It was much larger than the breaching explosions from a few moments before. The Marines struggled back to their feet in shock. The whole second floor had exploded and hunks of metal flooring and support beams hung down or stuck out at jagged angles. “NO!” cried the Police Captain, “Those fuckers! They blew up the life support console! Son of a bitch!” It dawned on the Marines what he meant, without the console there was no way to reactivate life support. They had failed.

One last black-armored hostile stood at the top of the aft stairway. He had his hands raised above his head in apparent surrender. He did not hold a visible weapon.

Re: Turn 6: The Firefight (Marines)

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 12:42 am
by LT_Chun
Henniger lunged from his scant cover to his left. He felt the snaps of passing rounds uncomfortably close to his face as he launched himself to the next section of diamond plated cover behind a gantry. He threw his pulse rifle out in front of him and fired at one of the black-armored enemy mercs on full auto.

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Re: Turn 6: The Firefight (Marines)

Posted: Thu May 14, 2020 8:10 pm
by Morse
The firefight that took place was almost refreshing to Morse. He had become so accustomed to the long ranged rage that so often transpired, or the imminent fear of a long agonizing death from some alien hostile, that he had almost forgotten the rush that came in a close up firefight. It was agonizing terror that filled everyone there, but the prospect of dying instantly was much easier to handle then a horrific maiming and an otherwise slow death. A well placed pulse rifle round would explode half of ones torso, and that would be that. Of course the armor could always save you and you could just wind up with a bullet in the shoulder like Morse had suffered in a previous battle with insurrectionists, but that was not always the case.

Morse still had the frightened reaction to death as everyone else, but somehow the whizzing of bullets and explosions in a rapid action fire fight was easier to handle then the miserable dread of being overwhelmed by creatures he could barely understand.

Once again Morse appeared to have killed a man, the body falling limp after two bursts struck his black armored chest. Morse did not think to fire again, just looked to engage another target. The firefight was so quick that there was no time to even see that. All that followed was the explosion.


Morse felt the heat and the rumble beneath him that even destabilized his robotic leg. He got back to his feet to hear a cop screaming about how life support was down.

Well that was that, the air was soon to fail...

Morse did not know what other options they had, but in the moment of calm he was still thinking of the tactical situation, he'd leave the strategic to someone higher ranking then himself.

"Sam!" Morse called "Grab that fuck! Secure his ass!" Morse recognized that one of the mercs was surrendering. Morse levied his weapon on him prepared to fire if he had to. He was not sure if it was a true surrender or a suicide attempt, but he'd do his best to kill him before he could detonate anything.

"First! Fan the fuck out! Secure this shit!' Morse roared at his squad. Just because the area was quiet, didn't mean it was over.

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Re: Turn 6: The Firefight (Marines)

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 9:37 am
by Medic Guy
Orozco saw Floyd go lifeless and his helmet rattle on the ground. She pulled him out of the doorway quickly behind sergeant Duncan as rounds cracked and hit in so many directions it was hard to tell where the enemy was. She got back to the doorway and then felt the explosion from inside the room as she rocked back and forth. She saw a subject in the black armor the terrorists were wearing standing with his hands up in surrender on the stairwell closest to her. She pulled her rifle up to bear on him and considered pulling the trigger anyways.

If they had already been willing to kill so many people and take out the life support for the station, why should they let this scum take another breath? she thought to herself pulling up some of the slack on her trigger. They had already lost so many people since boarding this station. For what? What was so important about this place that meant so much death and destruction was necessary? She hoped the subject would attempt to do something stupid just so that she would have the opportunity to fill their body full of rounds.

Isabel tried to pull herself out of the hatefulness she was feeling and uncloud her mind. She scanned the rest of the room looking for any other signs of movement, danger or threat. "What do we do now?" she pondered to those close enough to hear.

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Re: Turn 6: The Firefight (Marines)

Posted: Sun May 17, 2020 3:25 am
by eyeball
the firefight was over before Paulson got a shot off, but their situation had got way worse, he waited patiently, whilst panicking on the inside, for orders that would hopefull help save their asses.