The Fourth Devil Dawgs Campaign
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<November 23, 2189, 8:23 pm

Office of the Secretary Of Defense

Bureau of Johann Strauss>

Only two persons occupied the office that late. Johann Strauss, the Secretary of Defense himself, and his liaison officer to UCSM Force Recon, Major Frank Star. Johann Strauss was a tall, slender man in his mid 50s, wearing a top-notch grey suit, that did probably cost two of the monthly salaries of Major Star. Strauss sat behind his desk and studied the highly classified intel report for more than twenty minutes now. Major Star sat opposite and waited for some kind of reaction. He was a short, bulky blond-haired blue-eyed man in his late 30s.

He knew Strauss for quite a while now, so he just sat there and waited for the SoD to finish his readings. He took the chance to take a look around the room, occurring to him, that he spoke to the SoD mainly per phone. Tons of monitors, phones and computers everywhere and he could only imagine, what it would to be in here during regular office hours. Very contrary to the usual ant-hive like business in his office, it was quiet. Suddenly Strauss took his eyes of the report and looked at Star.

"How reliable is this intel, Major?"

"100 per cent reliable, Sir. Besides, the information is backed up by intel gained of interrogating the captured JL operatives from Gaia Station."

"So Jingti Long is going all-in, as it seems"


"We have to clear this mess up, Major"


"This has to be an off-the-book operation, am i clear?"


"You know, the stakes are sky-high now"


"We have to send our top-gun team, Major"


"Stop that goddamned Yessir, Major"

"YesSir ... ah ... i mean, i will issue out alpha orders to the Devil Dawgs, Sir"

"Good, and one more thing, Assign them the new Crusader-Class Star Ship, USS Chimera"

"Yess ... ah ... will do, Sir. Anything else, Sir?"

"That's all, Major. Keep me updated on the situation"

"Will do, Sir."
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