The Fourth Devil Dawgs Campaign
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<December 03, 2189, 11:00 am

Office of the Secretary Of Defense

Bureau of Johann Strauss>

USCM Force Recon liaison officer Major Frank Star sat opposite the Secretary of Defense himself, watching him reading through the highly classified final report of the Polaris Operation.

"So, the missing containers of that black liquid were found, Major?"


"What do we have for the colonial administration?"

"the usual story. Some no-name smugglers got their hands on some classified material, trying to sell it over the black market, we had to go in and stop them. Unfortunately civilan colateral damages could not be avoided."

"Do you know Weyland-Yutani Deputy Director of Special Projects Miss Sato, Major?"

"Ahem, afraid, YesSir, she is not very ..."

"I know, she has insisted on a special hearing tomorrow, regarding the unexpected loss of the containers during transport. She is very ... upset about it, to put it politely"


"So, once again, Major, what happened with the containers?"

"The final report of Lieutenant Harper states, that during hypersleep transport, a fire broke out in the hazardous material storage compartment.
Automatic safety procedures blew the whole compartement out into the void. The Devil Dawgs android executive officer analyzed the cause of the fire,
but could not come to a reasonable conclusion."

"Yes, i read that, he described it as ... a glitch in the system ... Well, a newly commisioned starship on its maiden voyage, there are always some minor troubles."


"Lets hope, that Miss Sato will buy it."


"Good Job, Major"

"Thank You, Sir. Anything else, Sir?"

"That's all, Major. Dismissed"
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