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Character Isabel Orozco

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2021 2:08 am
by Medic Guy
Author Name: Medic Guy
Player Name: Isabel Orozco
Employed by: USCM___Rank: Private___Position/Specialty: Rifleman
Where are you from: Planet Bastille

Physical Description:
Sex: Female___Age: 24___Race: Caucasian___Skin Complexion: Deep Tan
Height: 5'8"___Weight: 160 lbs___Hair Color: Dark Brown___Hairstyle: Preferred pulled into two tight braids___Eye Color: Brown
Tattoos/Scars/Etc.: Leopard spots on her left shoulder and back of the neck, a lion's head on her left forearm, USCM logo on the right bicep
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Any adornments: Isabel occasionally wears jewelry off duty.

Isabel is smart, quiet, friendly and sometimes flirty.

Character backstory:
Isabel grew up on a fairly rural planet (Bastille) with slightly greater than Earth gravity. She spent a lot of her youth in the slums of one of the larger cities (Tipolla) fending for herself while her parents worked during the day. After being beaten and taken advantage of, she was mentored by a local fighter who took pity on her. She learned to fight and defend herself from the others in her neighborhood. She is bright and relatively quiet, but is more than willing to fight when she feels threatened or backed into a corner. She is used to going by a lot of nicknames from school, sports and the colonial marines and responds to either of her formal names as well as Izzy, Bella, or Rozz.

Gun Combat (Expert), Scouting (Professional), Awareness (Professional), Hand to Hand (Certified), Infiltration (Certified), Espionage (Certified), Sleight of Hand (Novice), Ground Vehicle Drive (Novice), Balance (Novice), First Aid (Novice)

Off duty she wears form fitting clothing.

M41A Pulse Rifle and 4 spare magazines
VP70 Pistol with 2 spare magazines
Combat knife
4 fragmentation grenades___2 flash bangs
2 stinger grenades___2 smoke grenades

Canteen___First Aid Kit___Rations
50 Handcuff Ties___Electric Lockpick___Rebreather

Strength 16___Intelligence 16___Will 13___Health 10___Agility 10
Charisma 10___Leadership 5___Perception 10___Motivation 10

Combat Load 45___Combat Actions 7
Knockout Value 65___Learning Roll 16