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USCMC Armoury

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Melee Weapons
Ka-Bar Combat Knife: Formally USMC Mark 2 Knife, Fighting Utility, the Ka-bar has been a marines best friend since 1942. the 7-inch 1095 carbon steel blade is patterned after the knife carried by the legendary Jim Bowie throughout his career as a huntsman and soldier.
Shock Maul: Shock mauls are compact, brutal weapons designed for crowd control .Each on is 2 feet of carbon composite with a steel reinforced striking head. A power cell built into the insulated hand-grip energizes the steel of the mauls head with 10,000volts of electricity when the trigger stud is pressed.

Hand Guns
M4A3 Pistol: The standard sidearm of the USCMC. The M4A3 is a 9mm semi-automatic pistol with a 15round capacity, constructed around a fully carbon composite frame to save weight. the muzzle is threaded to accept a silencer and the frame includes an universal rail mount capable of accepting a variety of underbarrel accessories.
VP70MA6 Pistol: originally intended as an officers weapon, the VP70 is now being phased in to replace the M4 as the standard-issue sidearm of the USCMC. the main advantage of VP70 over the M4 is it's ability to accept the new M901 pistol cartridge; a tungsten submunition penetrator core encased in a high impact resin shell. this new ammunition has shown significant performance improvements over conventional 9mm ball ammo in penetrating personal body armour.

Long Arms
M41A Pulse Rifle: The standard issue weapon of the USCMC, the M41A Pulse Rifle is a 10mm automatic assault rifle with underslung 30mm pump-action grenade launcher combined in a sturdy housing with retractable stock and optional scope. The rifle can fire in semi, burst and full automatic modes and automatically tracks ammo remaining in its 95rnd magazine on an integral LED counter.
M36A1 Combat Shotgun: A combat shotgun designed especially for deployment with the USCMC. The M36 is a semi-automatic combat shotgun, with folding stock and Open Choke muzzle for maximum versatility of combat load. It can accept 12 or 20 round box magazines or 50 round high capacity drums for extended operations.
M42A Sniper Rifle: Equipped with a folding bipod, muzzle flash suppressor, and a fully adjustable stock, the M42A is a 10mm, pulse action, semi-automatic sniper rifle chambered for a matchgrade version of the M250 10mmx28mm caseless round employed by the M57 SMART Gun.

Man-Portable Support Weapons
M56A2 SMART Gun: A general purpose automatic squad support weapon with an effective range of 1500m. The M56 employs a free-floating, recoil-dampened motorised rotating breech mechanism chambered for the M250 series 10mmx28mm caseless round, with a cyclical rate-of-fire of 1200rpm. The weapon's motorised harness is slaved to an IR/LIDAR tracking system and is self-steering but cannot pull its own trigger.
M41AE3 Heavy Pulse Rifle: A squad-support version of the standard-issue M41A. The Heavy Pulse Rifle sacrifices the underbarrel grenade launcher for a folding bipod, reinforced barrel with integrated cooling jacket and expanded 250 sequential magazine. It is often employed where the firepower of a squad support weapon is desired but the weight, bulk and complexity of an M56 SMART Gun are not.
M240 Incinerator Unit: Know by the troops as the "Flake-a-Bake", the M240 is a rifle-style flamethower with an effective range of 30m. The weapons fuel is a quinitricetyline jelly stored in a pressurized container and ignited by a gas-burner as it leaves the weapons barrel. The fuel is usually stored in a 2ltr underslung canister, providing approximately 30 seconds of continuous fire before it requires replacement. For extended operations, the canister can optionally be replaced with a backpack reservoir holding 8 of the 2ltr canisters in an armored enclosure.
M83A2 SADAR: Shoulder-launched Active-homing Disposable Anti-tank Rocket, a lightweight, one-shot, anti-armour weapon capable of engaging enemy vehicles and light armour at ranges of up to 1000m. The launcher is discarded after firing, whilst the rocket guides itself to it's target by means of a cooled infrared imaging seeker mounted in it's nose.

Crew-Served Support Weapons
M78 Phased Plasma Infantry Gun: The PIG, as it is called by those who have to carry it, is a high-tech anti-armour weapon consisting of a 15MW laser which is used to vaporise Cadmium Telluride pellets fed from a 30rnd capacity internal magazine. The resulting superheated plasma is then discharged towards the target at a little over 1000m/s by a 4MW magnetic coil. The M78 weight's over 15kg fully assembled and cannot be reloaded in the field but it is capable of defeating any armour system currently fielded by a human military force.
M5A3 RPG Launcher: A shoulder-fired rocket-grenade launcher with an effective range of 2000m. The M5 fires an unguided, spin-stabalised, solid-fueled rocket fitted with a 5kg shaped charge warhead capable of defeating up to 15cm of composite armour plate when traveling at it's maximum velocity of 514m/s.
M112 HIMAT: The Hyper-velocity Intelligent Missile, Anti-Tank is a small, two-stage missile with an effective range of 5000m, an 11.5kg shaped-charge warhead and a maximum velocity at burn-out of mach 4.5. The seeker unit consists of an Infrared Imager, a millimeter-wave radar and a superheterodyne receiver for homing in on active radar jamming. launchers can be deployed either remotely or slaved to a single control station. Once a target has been identified and a lock established the missile will assess the optimum point of attack and steer to impact the target at that location.

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