Reminder: House-Rules

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Reminder: House-Rules

Post by JuanPerez » Thu Sep 24, 2020 5:41 pm

Hi everybody, i hope you are all well and eager to start the Polaris Campaing. I want to remind of the very few "house-rules", which i posted below.
Don't hesitate to contact me, if there a questions or something is not clear enough.

- the game will take place in turns
- each turn lasts 7 days real-time, sunday to sunday
- if a player does not post until end-of-turn, the actions of her/his char in this turn are decided by game-master
- life can be a bitch sometimes, so if you don't have the time to post for whatever reason, notify the game-master and we will work something out

in a posting, "tags" are used for adressing certain characters or groups of chars, while speaking to them, and most importantly, for using skills


"ok sweethearts, ETA 30 seconds, gear up and get hot"
<tag dawgs>

"first squad, i want a nice and clean dispersal this time"
<tag 1st squad>

"want me fetch your slippers for you?"
<tag pfc snorkle>

Paulson grabed his motion-tracker and turned it on, scanning the area
<use skill motion-tracker - level professional>

Sykes took his time to scan the ridge with his eyes
<use skill awareness - level expert>

the outcome of such an action will be dice-rolled by the game-master and posted

- remember, you are a member of a special forces team, so act like one: follow orders, stay alive, do your job, shoot to kill
- this kind of game lives from the quality of postings
- there is no such rule like "minimum number of characters in a posting"
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