Clint McKenna, Post Operation Acheron

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Clint McKenna, Post Operation Acheron

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Following the events on Acheron in 2179, Clint was transferred to another unit. Over the course of nearly a decade in Earth time, he spent time on many different planets with several platoons. He received training to advance his sniper career, and was inserted with recon teams on several occasions on colony worlds attempting to assert their independence. He was credited with a number of long range kills on what he was advised were high priority targets on the planet, Alexandria.

He spent some time back on Tartarus trying to help stabilize the colony’s dealings with the burrowing creatures, harverstors. It was there, he was nearly killed when one beasts tunneled up under him and his spotter. He’d broken three ribs, collapsing his left lung. His left femur had also been fractured when the thing had pinned him against a cavern wall as it picked at his spotter’s body. He’d been lucky and a squad in the next grid was able to kill the large harvester and evac Clint back for medical assessment and treatment. He spent several months recuperating and scouring through new tech and repair manuals for sentry gun platforms, and heavy weaponry meant for ground forces.

The nightmares became less frequent over the years, but still came in sprees every so often. The people that had turned into something akin to werewolves, the harvesters, spidery things with a tail, and those shiny black monstrosities that came out of the shadows or a ventilation shaft, even under the floors and out of the ceilings. All of it was enough to give him bouts of sleeplessness and insomnia at times. Sleep was both a necessity and a bane as he continued to cope with what had happened. It worsened when he felt like his superiors were holding information back from them, like what had happened on both Acheron and Pluto. He had considered reaching out to the old squads over the years, but felt that they were all still monitored by the corp due to some of the classified things that they had seen.

With all the time shipping back and forth, he had only aged physiologically about six years compared to the ten Earth years that most of civilization had aged. He noticed a grey hair every so often and noticed that the metabolism was definitely starting to slow. He had yet to feel the need to settle down yet, and knowing that there were things out there in the black; well it kind of takes that settling down feeling straight out of you.
ImageCorporal Clint McKenna
USCM Special Forces Recon Team
Serial Number: L69/EA5.2.31782M9

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